For over a decade the Deep Sea Mining Campaign has been advocating against the commercial exploitation of the world’s oceans by calling for NO DEEP SEA MINING




The Deep Sea Mining Campaign (DSMC) collaborates with local communities, civil society, academics, and scientists concerned about the likely impacts of deep sea mining on marine ecosystems and coastal communities.


Founded in 2011, the Deep Sea mining Campaign (DSMC) organised in response to the sudden increase in exploratory mining in the Pacific Ocean. We have a consistent focus on deep sea mining as an emerging and serious threat to marine life, ocean ecosystems, coastal and island communities, and future generations.

Our vision is for a healthy Pacific and world oceans without deep sea mining in which human and ecological communities thrive.

We are a Project of The Ocean Foundation, supported by Mining Watch Canada, a Partner of Mission Blue/Sylvia Earle Alliance and a Member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.

We pursues an intersecting three-part campaign strategy to prevent irreversible damage to oceans by stopping deep sea mining before it starts

we undertake science-based advocacy

We use science advocacy to compile and amplify high-quality research. Through this research, we highlight the environmental, social, and economic risks posed by seabed mining whilst aiming to promote evidence-based alternatives.

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we engage in finance advocacy

We use finance advocacy to provide investors with resources to safeguard their financial and reputational interests. Through research, engagement and advocacy we highlight the realities and risks of the deep sea mining industry in not meeting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria or compliance.

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We act in solidarity

We take our cue from the activism and leadership of Indigenous Peoples and coastal communities across the Pacific who are calling for no deep sea mining. We act in strategic and collaborative solidarity with regional and international partners.

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We believe we can only succeed in stopping deep sea mining with a broad-based movement across the Pacific and internationally

We are grateful all our partners across the Pacific region and internationally who are standing united to say NO TO DEEP SEA MINING


A Visual Investigation of Deep Sea Mining in the Pacific