The Deep Sea Mining Campaign advocates with all who stand to be harmed by this rush to mine the deep sea.




The Deep Sea Mining Campaign (DSMC) is an association of NGOs and citizens from the Pacific Islands, Australia, Canada, and the United States concerned about the likely impacts of DSM on marine and coastal ecosystems and communities.

The Deep Sea Mining Campaign (DSMC) was founded in 2011, organising in response to a sudden increase in exploratory mining in the Pacific. Commercial miners were getting serious about overcoming the technological obstacles that have long stood between humans and the deepest regions of the oceans. They showed little concern for the people and environments their experiments impacted.

Over the last decade, these commercial actors have rapidly created machines for extracting minerals and metals from the deep seabed. But they have done so in the absence of research, regulations, environmental protections, and civil society consent. Financing, engineering, and public relations have been allowed to outrun science, law, and policy. 

We pursue a three-part strategy to prevent irreversible damage to oceans:

  • We work in solidarity with grassroots movements. We take our cue from the activism and engagement of Indigenous Peoples and local communities with a focus on Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region.

  • Our science advocacy compiles and amplifies high-quality research about the deep sea. We highlight the environmental, social, and economic risks posed by seabed mining. We promote evidence-based alternatives to mining: recycling, responsible sourcing, extended product life, innovative materials development,  transportation design and more.
  • Our finance advocacy provides investors with resources to safeguard their financial and reputational interests. The deep sea mining industry is not meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria or compliance

With this holistic approach, our platform is both progressive and practical. Our work resonates with those who value a global future built on justice, planetary health and economic prosperity. 

The DSMC is a Project of The Ocean Foundation, supported by Mining Watch Canada, a Partner of Mission Blue/Sylvia Earle Alliance and a Member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition. 


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